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Painting swiftly enhances and boosts your home’s value. At Dakine Services in Cedar Park, we’re known for our precision, professionalism, and passion for perfecting spaces. Our painting contractors in Cedar Park deliver tailored services, revamping houses, updating spaces, and infusing every brushstroke with excellence. 


A fresh coat brightens rooms and revitalizes exteriors. We make sure projects are completed correctly, on time, and within budget. Step into a world of color, creativity, and design with Dakine Services. We craft spaces that truly inspire.

Choose Our Painting Services in Cedar Park

Yearning for life to be breathed back into your home? Adding a fresh coat of paint to a tired-looking house can transform it into a home you’ll love again.


In the realm of house painting, Dakine Services stands out as the go-to name trusted by residents. You can choose us for your painting needs, renowned for expertise and transformative flair. We bring attention to detail and innovative coloring to your space, turning it into a canvas tailored to your preferences.


Our interior and exterior solutions address common issues like fading and paint deterioration due to weather conditions or age. Our residential painting contractors in Cedar Park possess the expertise to revitalize even the most weathered exteriors. We use top-notch outdoor paint and professional techniques to ensure a flawless finish every time. 


Expect remarkable results before and after, transforming spaces with inspiring and impeccable finishes.

What Makes Us Different

Fading and paint deterioration due to weather conditions or aging are common issues. Dakine Services stands out for its expertise and transformative approach to spaces. We pay close attention to detail and offer innovative coloring tailored to your preferences. 


With our focus on interior and exterior solutions and excellent painting, you’ll see remarkable results before and after. 


Dakine Services aims to achieve the highest customer satisfaction in Cedar Park. Our actions are guided by four principles: open communication, meticulous workmanship, quality materials, and professionalism. Here’s how we implement each principle:

Efficacy and Quality

Ensuring timely completion of painting projects is our priority, acknowledging the value of your time. We work efficiently without compromising craftsmanship quality. We handle every project with dedication, ensuring top-notch results no matter the size or complexity. Clients appreciate our prompt service and high quality. With painting services, sloppiness won't cut it.

Professionalism and Experience

Dakine Services boasts a team of highly skilled paint contractors whose expertise shines throughout their work. While every company starts somewhere, a telltale sign of a quality paint contractor is their experience. Dakine Services has served the community for years, demonstrating dedication and thriving on referrals. This level of professionalism enables us to handle diverse painting requirements across various projects.

Craftsmanship and Unique Designs

Our color consultation services delve deep into your preferences, lifestyle, and desired atmosphere. We provide a bespoke color scheme that mirrors your vision and transforms your space. It's up to you whether you prefer modern or classical design. We diligently inspect each completed step to ensure it meets our company's high standards. You can count on us to treat your home like it's our own.

Communication and Full Transparency

At our core, transparency and communication are vital. They build trust with our clients, from the first consultation to project completion. We provide you with superior communication, either by email, text, call, or face-to-face interaction. Dakine Services values transparency, showing every project stage without hidden agendas. Our responsive communication fosters collaboration, leading to better outcomes.

Our Painting Services

Interior Painting

Normal wear and tear can mar your walls over time, but our interior painting contractors can restore their freshness. Our contractors infuse every room with an artistic touch, blending colors to match your style. Our painting services beautify any space, whether it's a single room or your entire house.

Applying a fresh coat of paint can transform your home's interior, from brightening a living room to completely changing the color scheme. No need to endure days or weeks of disruption; our painting Cedar Park contractors offer professional interior painting services to add value to your home in no time.

Exterior Painting

Your outdoor space is more than just a surface. When done correctly, paint and stain can make a significant difference. Nothing beats a fresh coat to instantly improve the appearance of your deck, porch, or exterior finish. A fresh coat of paint from our contractors will enhance the charm of your property's exterior walls, doors, fences, and fascia.

From minor trim touch-ups to complete exterior painting, there's no project our experts at Dakine Services can't handle. With our painting contractors, your property's exterior will look more inviting and visually appealing. Trust Dakine Services for long-lasting protection and leave a lasting impression. Give your exterior spaces a vibrant look that leaves a lasting mark.

Commercial Painting

Dakine Services offers comprehensive commercial painting solutions to the unique requirements of businesses, restaurants, and other privately owned establishments. We understand the importance of maintaining your professional reputation during transformations.

With our expertise in Cedar Park, our painting contractors deliver fresh coats or new colors, leaving a lasting impression on customers and clients. Our painting contractors streamline the entire process for you. Our professional painters then work diligently to complete the project promptly and within your budget, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Cabinet Painting

If you’re tired of your kitchen cabinets' appearance, you don’t need to invest in a whole new kitchen. Instead, save money by refinishing them. This task demands skill, so opt for experienced pros like Dakine Services. With us, expect precise, quality work.

Often, your cabinets just need a fresh coat of paint. Our contractors can breathe new life into them with a selected color, whether in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, or garage. We use top-notch paints and techniques to give your cabinets a stylish makeover. Trust us to revamp your cabinets with a modern, fresh look.


Dakine Services isn't just about painting; we're also experts in plaster and drywall repair. No matter the size of the damage, we'll make long-lasting repairs to your interior walls, staying on budget and on time. We take care of everything, from small holes to full drywall installation. If the damage is severe, it could be cheaper to replace the entire sheet.

Our local drywall repair experts can assist you in making this decision. Trust us to handle every detail, from surface preparation to the final touch, delivering a transformative outcome. Experience flawless walls with Dakine Services, where our skilled painters ensure professionalism and visual appeal.

Color Consultation

To recommend ideal colors for your situation, our color consultant will interview you about your color preferences, objectives, and desired look. After that, we'll assess your current space, considering existing elements like furnishings, floors, fabrics, and artwork. For interior colors, lighting and other factors will also be taken into account.

Choosing the perfect color for your space can be stressful, but with our guidance, it becomes more manageable. We'll suggest popular palettes and help you select the colors that complement your taste and needs. Colors should reflect your vision and enhance your space – our goal is to help you make that happen.

Hear what property managers have to say...

IngridStone Oak Property Management
Read More
We manage 800+ single-family homes and use outside vendors to handle maintenance for us. We found Dakine and they have made our jobs so much easier! They are quick to respond, their prices are fair, they don't try to upsell you on anything you don't need, and they do the job right the first time. It is very difficult to find tradespeople these days, but Dakine is really a truly great find!
VinceMonte Davis Property Management
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Dakine has earned our appreciation by delivering a professional service from the first project they accepted, to the most recent. My expectations have been met regarding scheduling, execution, and the speed of completion. I value their personal approach on communication and the helpful options they present when we are faced with difficult issues. I have great confidence in Dakine, they have become one of my go to vendors.
Chasity360 Properties
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From annual maintenance & repairs to major home remodels, Dakine Services is our go-to contractor for our homes! They have their finger on the pulse of current trends, unbeatable quality and pricing with top notch communication and service. Locally owned and operated means accurate estimates and realistic timelines. Make them a part of your Dream Team!
MikeProperty Management
Read More
Dakine Residential Services has exceeded expectations over the years we’ve been using them on our properties. We’ve been using Dakine Residential for nearly 10 years and they continue to provide 5 star service for our property management company. We have been more than happy with their level of customer service. Highly recommended!
Michelle Hecht Property Managementner
Read More
Dakine is a great company to work with for just about anything for jobs around the house. They are professional and will handle any questions promptly and get the job done in a timely manner. I would recommend them for your around the house needs.

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