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Dakine Services in Austin, TX, brings professional painting contractors. We specialize in transforming homes and businesses with expert services and a proven process. We prioritize giving you more time to enjoy the moments that matter in the spaces you love.


Clear communication and transparency are essential, keeping clients informed from planning to completion. With a commitment to excellence, our professionals turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary works of art, enhancing both beauty and functionality.

Our Experienced Painting Contractor Services in Austin TX

Exterior House Painting

Exterior house painting enhances curb appeal effectively. Dakine Services simplifies the process for a hassle-free makeover. Our experienced team ensures top-quality results, giving you a proud and envy-worthy home.

At Dakine Services, our thorough exterior painting process guarantees customer satisfaction. We focus on painting lives, not just houses. Our goal is to create spaces where you can comfortably enjoy living for years to come.

Interior House Painting

We prioritize both interior and exterior property aesthetics. Our specialty lies in high-quality interior painting services tailored to your needs. Our experts assist in selecting colors and finishes to breathe life into your space.

We ensure timely completion within your budget. Whether refreshing a room or transforming the entire property, we bring your vision to life. Count on Dakine Services for exceptional interior painting that surpasses expectations.

What To Expect From Us

Details of The Project

Once we understand the project, we will offer a quote and plan accordingly. We will bring the necessary supplies and schedule ample time for completion.

Protecting Materials

When you hire professional painting services, you won't need to buy paint tarps or protective coverings. We bring these supplies ourselves. Expect us to cover furnishings, floors, or woodwork as required.

Surface Repair and Prep

We typically offer minor surface preparation. We can provide this service or recommend someone who can. Surface prep usually involves nail removal, spackling, and light scraping. For larger projects, inviting us to inspect ensures proper assessment of prep needs.

Essential Reasons To Hire Painting Contractors, Austin TX

Paint Removal

When planning a painting project, we usually focus on applying fresh paint, but removing old paint is often necessary. If the current paint is peeling or flaking, painting over it will result in an uneven finish. To achieve optimal results, we remove old paint with removing liquids, scrape loose parts, and sand the surface.

Wallpaper Disposal

Removing wallpaper is essential when painting walls and can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Painting over wallpaper is not recommended. Removing wallpaper improperly can damage your walls and create a mess. It's best to hire home interior painting professionals for this delicate process, but be aware that it will add to the overall project cost.

Paint and Prime

The priming and painting stages are significant components of a residential painting estimate. Costs can vary based on factors like materials, number of coats, labor payment structure, efficiency, and overall cost calculation methods among contractors.

Cleaning Process

To prepare a surface for painting, it is crucial to thoroughly clean it beforehand. Painting over dirt can compromise the paint job's longevity and harm surfaces. While you may handle some cleaning yourself, top painting contractors ensure surfaces are well-prepped and spotless, using methods like pressure washing for exteriors or interior scrubbing.

Sanding Method

Sanding is crucial for proper paint removal and to create a smooth surface. It can also enhance paint adhesion and finish repairs or carpentry work. Professional painters use different grits of sandpaper for various purposes. Sanding may be included in general preparation costs or listed separately. Discuss your contractor's sanding process and associated costs.

Repair Work

Preparing for a painting project can reveal issues such as drywall or water damage that require attention. Not all contractors provide repair services, so it's advantageous to find one that does to avoid hiring multiple contractors. Repair work like wood rot repair or trim replacement will impact project costs. Optional carpentry work, such as installing shoe moldings or baseboards, should also be considered in the estimate.

Color Suggestions

We also provide in-house color consultations and matching services to assist with paint color selection. These services may be included in the overall fee, making them advantageous to utilize. However, if they are optional and itemized, you can choose to skip them to save money. Nonetheless, a color consultation can be valuable if you're unsure about your color choices.


Cleanup after a paint job is usually included in the project's overall cost. Customers typically expect contractors to handle this task. While it's usually not itemized in estimates, some providers may include it without extra cost, unless the cleanup is extensive or specialized.

Providing Professional Painting Services For Your Home

When repainting, choose a trustworthy company for a successful, timely, and budget-friendly project. Dakine Services guarantees your satisfaction with interior and exterior painting services. Our name is distinguished in the industry for several reasons.


  • Exclusive use of premium, high-quality paints.
  • Craftsmanship and patience for desired results.
  • Prioritization of your schedule and budget.
  • Professionalism from initial call to thorough cleanup.


We provide painting services for residential and commercial properties, both interior and exterior.

Yes, we offer free estimates for accurate project pricing.

Our painters are highly experienced and trained professionals.

Yes, we offer color consultation services to assist with paint color selection.

Project duration varies based on size and preparation needs.

We handle preparation work and ensure thorough cleanup post-project.

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured for client protection.

Yes, we provide warranties to ensure customer satisfaction.

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