Welcome to Dakine Paint! We offer both interior and exterior painting services. Let us assist you with your next project and turn your dream space into a reality.

What to expect

when working with us…

Communication is key. That is why we have put together a list below to walk you through the process of working with the Dakine Remodel Team before you even start! Rest assured that our experienced staff will be with you each step of the way.

We follow these steps

Send us 4-8 pictures of the interior space, and if possible, provide the approximate square footage of the areas to be painted. 

We will schedule a phone call to discuss your project, color preferences, any necessary drywall repairs, flooring replacement, and preparation requirements. We will send a preliminary estimate based on the provided information. 

**By approving the preliminary estimate, the client agrees to pay a 3% non-refundable deposit of the project’s total cost after the on site visit. 

Next we will schedule an on-site visit to inspect and assess any special considerations, such as converting oil to urethane or latex paint, areas requiring special preparation, and high ceiling areas. We will select materials and paint colors during the on-site visit. Afterwards, we will provide a final estimate and a 3% deposit will be collected. 

In this phase the work begins. The project manager will update you on the progress of your project and will be there every step of the way.

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The process

Cover furniture and floors, remove fixtures, faceplates, blinds, and window coverings, labeling and safely storing them for painting.

Perform necessary repairs, including filling nail holes, scraping, taping, floating, texturing, and sanding.

Apply primer to repaired areas, followed by the chosen paint package, determining the number of coats and using rolling or spraying techniques as specified.

Remove prep materials, sweep floors, touch up any necessary areas, reinstall fixtures, and leave your home clean and tidy.

Let’s explore
working together

Ready to discuss your project? Feel like we might be a great fit? We would love to hear about it!

Tell us about your project. Please attach photos of the workspace and we will get back with you to schedule a preliminary estimate phone interview.

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