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At Dakine Services, we know upgrading your floors is more than just renovating. It’s about reflecting your style and needs. We offer various designs to match your preferences. We work closely with you from planning to installation to make your vision a reality. Your floors aren’t just surfaces—they’re expressions of your home’s character. We’re here to bring that to life.

Your Space With Flawless Flooring Solutions

Our team is known for exceptional work and expertise in commercial flooring. There is no project too big or too small for us.

Why Call Certified Flooring Professionals?

Professional installation ensures excellent results for your flooring. Our crew boasts extensive experience in flooring installation, handling unexpected challenges with finesse.


By hiring pros, you save time and effort on DIY tasks. We get your hectic schedule and aim to minimize interruptions during installation.


Our associates in Pflugerville stand by, ready to swiftly assist you and kick-start your flooring project.

Professionalism & Customer Service

Our company is accredited and monitored by recognized trade and industry bodies to ensure high standards of service and professionalism, giving you peace of mind regarding the quality of our work.

Our Flooring Services

Tile Installation/Repairs

Dakine Services handles tile repairs, grout cleaning, and complete flooring overhauls. Our experts come prepared to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen tiles with the necessary equipment and skills.

Custom Design and Consultation

We provide personalized guidance to help you choose the perfect flooring design. Our advice considers your style, preferences, and practical needs.

Removal and Disposal

We take care of removing and disposing of old flooring materials for you. This ensures a hassle-free process when installing new floors.

Refinishing and Resurfacing

We enhance floors with refinishing and resurfacing techniques, giving them a fresh, renewed appearance and improved durability.

We Can Install a Variety of Flooring Types

  • Laminate
  • Vinyl  
  • Cork  
  • Tile – Porcelain or Ceramic
  • Tile – Natural Stone
  • Hardwood
  • Carpet
  • Bamboo 
  • Concrete
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We Don't Rest Until Your Satisfaction Is Met. Our 3-Step Process.

Step 1: Showroom Visit

Explore our showroom for a variety of flooring options, including tile, laminate, hardwood, vinyl sheet, luxury vinyl plank/tile, and carpet, tailored to your preferences and budget.

Step 2: In-home Consultation

When you're set to begin, we'll come to your home to measure and plan, addressing any concerns along the way. Our experts will offer tailored solutions based on your needs.

Step 3: Professional Installation

After choosing your flooring and confirming the quote, our expert installers will carefully lay down your new floors for a perfect finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a diverse selection, from hardwood to concrete and everything in between.

Absolutely! Our seasoned team tackles installations for all materials we offer.

Timeframes vary based on factors like area size and material type. We’ll give you a customized estimate.

Yes, both our products and installation services come with warranties tailored to your needs.

Our experts offer personalized recommendations based on your space and preferences.

Yes, estimates are complimentary. Just reach out to schedule an appointment.

Clear the space of furniture and belongings before we arrive. We’ll guide you through the process.

Yes, inquire about available financing plans to make your project more manageable.

We’ll provide detailed care instructions tailored to your chosen flooring type.

Reach out to us immediately. We’ll address any concerns promptly to ensure your satisfaction.

Professional Flooring Company Benefits!

Experience: Professional installers can efficiently complete the flooring job in one session, ensuring proper installation and maximizing the lifespan of your floors.


Budget-friendly: Professional installation offers transparent pricing without hidden fees.


Professional services: Hiring a certified flooring contractor ensures you receive the best possible services, as they employ efficient methods to meet your needs.


Right tools: Hiring a contractor who provides the necessary tools and accelerates the process ensures higher-quality services.


Proper schedule: Most people devise a flooring installation plan, considering budget and timeframe, while a skilled contractor tailors a plan to meet their needs.

The Best Flooring For Your Home

Location of the floors

For high-moisture spaces like bathrooms, consider concrete, tile, or vinyl flooring. In sunlit areas, opt for fade-resistant laminates or engineered hardwoods, while hardwood floors and porcelain tile suit high-traffic zones like kitchens or foyers.

Pet-Friendly Floor

For pet owners, scratch-resistant flooring is essential. Despite their scratch-resistance, solid hardwood floors are easily damaged; consider carpeting, ceramic tile, laminate flooring, or cork, which is also sound-absorbing.

Low Maintenance Flooring

Choose vinyl or laminate flooring for low maintenance. Note that laminate floors need special cleaning and can't be mopped conventionally.

Favorite Aesthetic

Choose flooring based on your design vision—lighter colors for an airy feel, darker tones for warmth. Opt for thinner planks for a classic look, wider ones for a modern feel and to visually expand small spaces.


Opt for tile or hardwood floors over carpets if allergies are a concern, as they are easier to clean and minimize dust and dander. Cork and bamboo floors are also allergy-friendly alternatives to consider.

Hear what property managers have to say...

IngridStone Oak Property Management
Read More
We manage 800+ single-family homes and use outside vendors to handle maintenance for us. We found Dakine and they have made our jobs so much easier! They are quick to respond, their prices are fair, they don't try to upsell you on anything you don't need, and they do the job right the first time. It is very difficult to find tradespeople these days, but Dakine is really a truly great find!
VinceMonte Davis Property Management
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Dakine has earned our appreciation by delivering a professional service from the first project they accepted, to the most recent. My expectations have been met regarding scheduling, execution, and the speed of completion. I value their personal approach on communication and the helpful options they present when we are faced with difficult issues. I have great confidence in Dakine, they have become one of my go to vendors.
Chasity360 Properties
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From annual maintenance & repairs to major home remodels, Dakine Services is our go-to contractor for our homes! They have their finger on the pulse of current trends, unbeatable quality and pricing with top notch communication and service. Locally owned and operated means accurate estimates and realistic timelines. Make them a part of your Dream Team!
MikeProperty Management
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Dakine Residential Services has exceeded expectations over the years we’ve been using them on our properties. We’ve been using Dakine Residential for nearly 10 years and they continue to provide 5 star service for our property management company. We have been more than happy with their level of customer service. Highly recommended!
Michelle Hecht Property Managementner
Read More
Dakine is a great company to work with for just about anything for jobs around the house. They are professional and will handle any questions promptly and get the job done in a timely manner. I would recommend them for your around the house needs.

We Can Handle Any Project

Our team handles jobs of all sizes, catering to various commercial needs. We work flexible hours to accommodate your business schedule.

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