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Are you looking for a different solution for your fences? Dakine Services is your first choice for fence solutions. We are committed to prioritizing your preferences and dedicating our team to your satisfaction. Whether it is a classic wood or ornamental Iron, Dakine Services in Georgetown is here to exceed your expectations. 


Do not hesitate to choose our fence solutions for quality that goes beyond the ordinary. Your preferences are our main objective, and our handymen are here to cater to your needs in the fence solutions.

Surround Your Home With Dakine Fencing Solutions

We emphasize transparent communication and detailed consultations to serve services based on your needs. We understand the diverse fencing needs in Georgetown and the solutions varying from one material to another. 


That is why we are trusted and committed to prioritizing your unique demand for fence solutions. Start by surrounding your home and exploring services for all your fencing needs. Rest assured, you are in the right spot for the right solution. At our core, we ensure your fencing experience is more than just a simple service but beyond your expectations.

Why Choose Us for Fence Installation Services

Professionalism & Quality

We have a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of fencing solutions. We are prideful about our commitment to details by ensuring each project is done with all the standards of quality and professionalism. From the beginning, our clients receive a wanted fence and a testament to our dedication to the perfect service. If you wish to have an unmatched experience, start today with our fencing solution, and you will be mesmerized by the highest standards of ensuring each need for your fences.

Precision & Materials

We stand out by the crowd of our top-tier materials by guaranteeing the durability and longevity of the fences. Our handymen employ fences with precision and attention to detail in every installation to ensure a pleasing result. Materials play a crucial role in ensuring the longevity of fencing solutions and improving quality. You can experience the high-quality materials and resilience of our fences with Dakine Services.

Communication & Customer Satisfaction

With transparent consultations, we offer consultations to understand each customer’s precise needs for fencing solutions. By providing detailed consultations, we address and reach customer satisfaction tailored to their needs. Our focus is not just on talking with customers but crafting and providing fence solutions that guarantee your expectations. Your satisfaction is not just a goal for us; it remains our commitment. We believe in our clients and their choices. That is why we offer consultations to meet our client's expectations.

Time & Delivery

At Dakine Services, punctuality is a top priority. We ensure that each project is completed on time within the agreed time with the client. By having transparent communication, we deliver on time and provide peace of mind for our clients. With efficient project management practices, offer fence solutions that adhere to your schedule. Our unwavering commitment to delivering on time is a proven track record of professionalism and reliability.

What We Offer

Wood Fencing

Our wood fencing redefines the essence of natural beauty and ensures privacy for your home. Crafted with precision, these wood fences offer different styles from picket and privacy to decorative or crafter on your personalized preferences. Each design has the warmth of the wood that creates an inviting atmosphere blending with your space. Our wood fences are durable structures that have visual appeal. With wood fencing, you will enhance your property and experience the enduring charm of the wood.

Ornamental Iron Fencing

With ornamental iron fencing, you elevate your property with timeless sophistication. The design of these fences provides an artistic appeal that complements individual preferences. Precisely crafted, each ornamental iron fence proves a refined crafted solution. Whether for the residential space or your home, Dakine Services delivers precisely. We stand out as a symbol of the enduring style and resilience of the ornamental iron fencing. Customize your fences with a unique appeal of iron fences.

Vinyl Fencing

Combined with low-maintenance convenience, our vinyl fences ensure resilience and durability for all seasons. Embrace modernity with vinyl fences in different shapes, styles, and colors. They offer a clean, contemporary appearance to suit your diverse preferences. For maintenance, they need minimal upkeep over time. Whether you seek an urban or more personalized look, Dakine Services’ vinyl fencing is a stylish and reliable solution.

Composite Fencing

If you are struggling to decide which material to choose, at our services, you can combine fences with wood, iron, and vinyl to make your space look better based on personalized preferences. We offer a fusion of the best qualities by providing timeless design and minimal maintenance requirements. Composite fencing is resistant to rot, insects, and weather changes. Our composite fences ensure practical, longevity, and durable choice. Dakine Services guarantees quality and beauty in your fences.

Privacy Fencing

Tailored to enhance your security, we offer different styles and materials ideal for residential property seeking privacy. These fences are designed for functionality and prioritizing the privacy of the residents. Trust Dakine Services to transform your property into a private space with a fencing solution that gives beauty to your space. They also serve as a purpose for your privacy.

Custom Fencing

Our custom fencing offers a personalized touch to our clients. We provide a tailor-made solution that fits your requirements and needs. Engage in a collaborative design process with our professional team, where every detail matters to create unique fencing for your property. We work closely with you to bring your ideas into your fencing solutions. With your personalized fence idea, you reflect your vision and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide different materials for your space. We offer wood, ornamental iron, vinyl, composite, private fencing, and customized fencing to suit your functional needs and preferences.

The timeline depends on the type and the personalized choice of your needs. Our skilled team ensures time installations, including informed and transparent communication with the client’s consultations.

Without a doubt! We work closely with our clients to understand their design and preference specifications. We want to ensure a unique and personalized result for your fences.

Yes. At Dakine Services, we offer fencing solutions for private and residential houses. We guide care routines and provide tips to keep your fences in good condition and durable regardless of weather conditions. It doesn’t matter whether it is your residential or private house; we offer quality in all aspects.

It all depends on the material. Whether you choose wood, vinyl, or ornamental iron, our fences are designed for extended durability and minimal upkeep. We provide and stay in touch with our clients to keep your fences and help you maintain them.

We offer professionalism and quality of our work. We guarantee our fencing installations by providing confidence to our clients. With us, you will have durable and longer-crafted professional fences.

Hear what property managers have to say...

IngridStone Oak Property Management
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We manage 800+ single-family homes and use outside vendors to handle maintenance for us. We found Dakine and they have made our jobs so much easier! They are quick to respond, their prices are fair, they don't try to upsell you on anything you don't need, and they do the job right the first time. It is very difficult to find tradespeople these days, but Dakine is really a truly great find!
VinceMonte Davis Property Management
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Dakine has earned our appreciation by delivering a professional service from the first project they accepted, to the most recent. My expectations have been met regarding scheduling, execution, and the speed of completion. I value their personal approach on communication and the helpful options they present when we are faced with difficult issues. I have great confidence in Dakine, they have become one of my go to vendors.
Chasity360 Properties
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From annual maintenance & repairs to major home remodels, Dakine Services is our go-to contractor for our homes! They have their finger on the pulse of current trends, unbeatable quality and pricing with top notch communication and service. Locally owned and operated means accurate estimates and realistic timelines. Make them a part of your Dream Team!
MikeProperty Management
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Dakine Residential Services has exceeded expectations over the years we’ve been using them on our properties. We’ve been using Dakine Residential for nearly 10 years and they continue to provide 5 star service for our property management company. We have been more than happy with their level of customer service. Highly recommended!
Michelle Hecht Property Managementner
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Dakine is a great company to work with for just about anything for jobs around the house. They are professional and will handle any questions promptly and get the job done in a timely manner. I would recommend them for your around the house needs.

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Here, professionalism meets your needs, and excellence prevails. Our commitment to top-quality materials, transparent communication, materials, and timely project delivery ensure a satisfying journey. Trust us for tailor-made solutions, from classical wood to innovative composite fencing options. We understand the needs of our clients, offering fencing solutions for space. Reach out to us today to turn your fencing vision into a reality.

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