The Best 2024 Paint Color Trends (So Far)

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If your home is starting to feel out of taste, it’s time for the transformative touch of interior paint. The right paint accentuates your home’s lighting, mood, aesthetics, and style. But how can you pick the best paint color when there are so many competing options? Let’s get some inspiration from the hottest 2024 paint color trends.

4 Painting Trends to Look for in 2024

Choosing the right paint color today means looking past your run-of-the-mill beige or off-white. Here are the trendiest color palettes, shades, and combinations of 2024.

1. Citrus Shades

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Not so long ago, nothing could beat “happy” hues in coloring and brightening living spaces. That’s why you’d always find a pop of electric yellow, a splash of blue, or a punch of coral in many homes. Neutral colors, notably muted sage and tawny neutrals, then grew in popularity to become the go-to comfort colors. 

But bright hues are quickly reclaiming their top spot on the trendiest colors for 2024. Among the bright hues with the biggest impact are citrus shades. Citrus shades have a strong association with nature. Due to this, they bring tranquility, energy and calmness into your indoor spaces. 

These shades range from eye-catching grapefruit pinks to electric yellows and everything in between. Here are the hottest citrus shades for you:

Lime Green

The calming benefits of green paint know no bounds. Designers in 2024 are blending this shade with the pep of yellow to create a dramatic effect.

Meyer Lemon

Painting trends in 2024 focus on maximizing the energy and aesthetic potential of living spaces. Meyer Lemon, a bright yellow shade with a hint of orange, fits the bill perfectly. 

Meyer lemon has also become the go-to paint color for mood-boosting in 2024, especially in corporate offices. So, it’s a definite must-try for those after a pick-me-up.

Fuzzy Navel

This shade works best if you wish to grab attention, make a statement, or create a vibrant shade on a wall. It’s not too bold, but it creates a unique pop behind closed doors.

Grapefruit Pink

This coral-like hue is simply gorgeous! It’s not too jarring, yet it’s so prominent in a room. It goes especially well with cute furniture or pastel add-ons.

2. Monochromatic Schemes

Monochromatic color palettes are made up of a single color shade. This shade acts as a base for all other hues within the space. These pallets have been among the top painting trends for the last five years now. This is due to their soothing effect and visual cohesion. 

When not competing with offbeat bold shades, monochromatic shades bring your home together nicely. Calming hues of blue and dramatic greens are still topping the charts for 2024 colors.

 The versatility of these hues has also allowed homeowners to experiment with more unconventional colors, such as brazen reds. Other notable monochromatic color schemes of 2024 include:

Dark Monochromatic

Light and dark hues are prominent 2024 colors, just as they have been over the recent years. Their continued dominance stems from their unique ability to create a visual depth within indoor spaces. 

Pro Tip: When you balance starkly bold areas with soft shades of white, the visual appeal is unbeatable.

Monochromatic Red

You don’t have to choose the obvious in 2024-white, grey, or beige. Homeowners are now experimenting with sophisticated and unique red shades. The obsession with monochromatic red hues is due to their versatility and timelessness.

Layering Monochromatics

Interior designers have become extremely creative with monochrome schemes. For example, traditionally, vibrant yellow and orange shades were not part of the monochrome scheme. 

With a little creativity, however, this trend is now gradually growing on interior designers. Orange and yellow layers are now popular off-beat yet strikingly stunning schemes.

Pro Tip: You should always work with a reputable contractor when you choose the unbeaten path of unconventional monochromatic paint. The right experts can turn your interiors into something sophisticated yet subtle, which isn’t easily done with DIY.

3. Rust


The popularity of rust has been rising rapidly these last few years. It is now popping up everywhere and replacing minimalist color schemes. Rust and autumnal shades spice up interior designs with added warmth, energy, and coziness. Notable rust tones in 2024 are red-orange-brown and reddish-yellow color combinations. 

Rust color schemes are retro yet contemporary and electric. They help you create a strong connection with nature and create an on-trend yet warm and inviting space. No other color scheme beats rust in bringing out your deepest desire to embrace sustainable living. 

What’s more, rust colors set the tone of your home and inject depth and character into a space. They’re perfect for a bold, nature-inspired ambiance.

Pro Tip: Adding natural, earthy elements like stone, wood, and rattan makes your rust color scheme pop.

4. Blush Paint

Blush Paint

If you’re looking for vibrant accents to make a statement, blush paint is for you. These tones have grown in popularity for their ability to effortlessly improve the aesthetic of living spaces. 

A good example of blush paint is pink. Of course, when painting a room, a color like pink may be the last thing to cross your mind. However, in the hands of an experienced artisan, the color can add a sophisticated flair to just about any room in your home. 

While you may not gravitate toward ultra-feminine shades, you can’t deny the raw beauty of blush paint. But if you decide to give it a chance, you’ll get an understated, unique, and sophisticated interior. 

Blush paint fits in every space, from closets to bedrooms. Notable blush paint options in 2024 include:

Cream Puff

Experts blend this with neutral colors to create a warm hug in your living spaces. Blending it with muted shades of silvery gray, for example, will instantly create a visual masterpiece.

Pink Bliss

This pale pink shade is feminine, warm, and pretty. It’s perfect for anyone looking to inject femininity into a space.


This is a unique blend of beige and pale pink. It’s warm, welcoming, beautiful, and fairly feminine. It looks spectacular next to a warm white trim.

Redend Point

This subtle pink undertone can accentuate the beauty of any space. Designers combine it with wood accents to create a delicious, timeless space.

Bonus Tips for Choosing Paint Colors in 2024

It can be pretty devastating to spend big on interior revamping only to hate the new color on your walls. That’s why you should pick paint colors that match your design goals, tastes, and inspiration. While you’re at it, these three tips will come in handy:

When picking paint colors, it’s essential to pay attention to the amount of light that a room receives. If the room is dark and receives indirect or incandescent lighting, your best choice is a strong, bright paint color. But, such colors may be too overpowering for spaces with a huge supply of natural light, which will be more suitable for rust and darker color schemes. 

Then, remember to ask for sample-sized testers and test each color option on a small section of your walls. This will help you visualize the result beforehand. 

Lastly, always work with a trusted expert if your budget allows it. This is particularly necessary when blending multiple colors to create a unique space, as they’ll know just how long it takes to paint your home and what’s needed for the perfect result.

An expert will help you envision how the colors flow from one space to the next, which is necessary for optimal cohesion.  You can never go wrong when you tap into the expertise of a reputable contractor, so consider that before you dive into your remodeling project.

Wrapping Up

Interior decor in 2024 is all about positivity, warmth, mood-boosting, and inspirational color themes. Homeowners want colors that provide a feast for the eyes, are inviting, and challenge human creativity. They want to connect more with nature through paint. 

On the other hand, designers are busy reimagining retro color schemes that are fun and more visually appealing. All in all, 2024 is the year to kickstart your flow with an inspirational paint color, so reach out today and get a quote from one of our experts in your area.

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